MBA in Finance


MBA in Finance is different from Master in Finance. Here are three types of training that distinguish three types of financial training in the US and Europe:

A) Type of MBA specializing in finance b) Type of financial masters outside the MBA, but more intensive MBA b ‘) This type falls in type (b), but is located in part in the type (c) C) The type of financial masters outside of the MBA and focused entirely on quantitative finance is more specialized than the type (b). This rare program has one of three different names but with the same meaning: master of science in quantitative finance, or master of science in financial engineering, or Master of science incomputational finance. This type (c) is a financial type.

The MBA programs in Finance are the most popular because they can find a variety of jobs in banks, investment funds, manufacturing companies, etc.

Master of Finance

The Master of Science (MSc) Finance programs are relatively new but tend to compete strongly with the type (a) and land encroachment of finance majors in jobs such as portfolio management, equity Private Equity, Equity Investment, Stock Trading The only Masters degree programs in the UK that have so far are only Cambridge, UK, HEC France, Princeton, Johns Hopsins, NYU. Also, the top schools like Toronto and Waterloo of Canada, Oxford of England, Nanyang Tech of Singapore (National University of Singapore does not have), Stanford, Hofstra, Boston, USC of America.

Academic programs of type (c) are very rare. From time to time if financial institutions want to employ people with highly mathematical work, they must also know about financial software programming in pricing new products, modeling and programming software. To predict risk probability, stress testing etc. Usually people have to hire someone with a PhD in mathematics, a Ph.D. in physics, or an engineering doctorate, because unprofessional finance programs that have masters degree in math and software programming to do the work. this. This type of program (c) is very rare, and the top schools are Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, and Chicago. The conditions that are necessary and sufficient for this type of work are: (1) Financial Understanding (2) Algebraic Random Algebra (3) Programming Algorithm C ++ language.

Ph.D in finance at business schools or doctorate in economics if and if it has to be emphasized, at the same time there are sufficient (2) and (3) also torch. But the only thing that has a Masters degree in Finance (c) is also the doctoral program (c) – usually the business training department associated with the Faculty of Mathematics or the Faculty of Engineering.

Training programs in Vietnam

The MBA Program in Finance from Troy University USA Associates with National University of Economics – National University

The Master of Science in Finance and International Foreign Trade from Leeds Met UK, studied at the Financial Institute is a program in Finance, tuition is relatively cheap and quality standards of the UK.